Mr. Doomsday

Written by: Jacob S. Henson


You call out to me friend

Singing songs of the end of times

I never knew just why

Why you catch me in the worst of times


Never trust in a man

Who tells you he’s got a secret plan

When it’s only defeat

Goodness comes but he just can’t see


Don’t let go

Of the wonderful

Got to hang incorruptible

Don’t let go of the wonderful

Just stop saying it’s the end of the world


The likes of you never win

You only lose ‘cause it’s what you choose

You like to blame it on them

But it’s you who prepares the noose


To insanity’s farm

I’ll take you there where you’ll cause no harm

You can shout all you want

It will never raise alarm


Can’t you see tomorrow my friend

Can’t you see that it’s not he end