Same Tune

Written by: Jacob S. Henson


I don’t wanna stand here

And get in your way

Sometimes I feel

Like I’ve got nothing to say

I jump right in but don’t communicate


Overdramatic is a little too much

To define me so quick is to be out of touch

I think of you as a nonesuch


I don’t wanna stay

I don’t wanna go

Hide all my fears and

Put on a show


I don’t wanna fall

I don’t wanna fail

Hiding behind the most thickest of veils


I don’t wanna go anywhere

Without you

Take me for granted and call me a loon

We’re all just humming the Same Tune


Speak to me truly

I’ll take your advice

As long as it’s not

Your pride in disguise

Meant to deter me

Become my vice


We may be different 

But we’re humming the same tune

We don’t see clearly

But we’re humming the same tune

We’re not the same

But we’re humming the same