Space and Time

Written by: Jacob S. Henson


Not just free, I wanna be

A Man that could live forever

Cure the sickness in our hearts


Upon this frame

You’ll find the same

Substance that cries for sustenance

Extremes that show themselves like fire and Ice


One day I’ll fly and I’ll find

There’s so much more than meets the eye

The mystery that we need 

One day will be demystified 


Cause before the blast

History's in the past

I was not alone

Born with wings of stone

Simple life I’ve led to somewhere

Evidence of Space and Time


Happening so fast

Hoping it will last

You are not alone

Trying to atone

Simple life you’ve led to somewhere

Evidence of Space and Time


I won’t find too much time

Looking at what could have been

Find the peace that heals our minds


The star that’s bright

Up to the north

It could have died out years ago

But nobody here would ever know


And just like that

I wanna last

Long after I’ve run out of gas

You’ll see me flying through the night


We are all on a journey

Space and Time cacophony