Written by: Jacob S. Henson


I’ll be there

‘Cause you were there for me

Even though it’s lost in history

Never mine when you’re alone with me

I was there before you saw me to flee


We’re going out after noon

Where the old oak tree

We’ll come to be like the wind

Soft and never be seen


I was there when you walked down the street

Paint your hands with red and disbelief

There was a time when you would never grieve

Take the lines from a tale that you’d weave


When you come

I may not be here

Even though I was your friend

Take your time to notice my years

Somethings must come to an end


I don’t ever want to say I’m earth bound

I don’t ever want to say

I’ll never come back

I’m always searching for heaven

Through every book and every telescope


Pitch Black in the corner of your room

You will not answer my call

I fly as you would assume

Till the end of my fall


When you are so full of regret

And fit in your eyes the whole world

I would be surprised if you come

It is easier to stay where you’re hurled