You May Never Know

Written by: Jacob S. Henson


You may never know

Things that love can show

Deep down inside

I’ve been more than nice

And I paid the price

I was on fire

You were water to flame

Up in smoke we became


It will not happen twice

I will not roll the dice

Chancing on you

But still I linger there

With hopes that you will care


Come back to earth

And acknowledge your worth

It is good to be alive

And still I root for you


I don’t wanna lose you

I don’t wanna lose you tonight

Lose you tonight again

I don’t wanna find out

You’re living in your self doubt again

Come back here my dearest friend


I was so taken by you and mistaken by fraud 

I gave all I had and you robbed me so bad

I can’t say I was blind


Hope is everything and all that’s in between

Growing is life

Until you hit the dust

You will have to trust

That it is worth it

In the end you will see

Manifest destiny

And life is a fire


You said this is how it should be, how it should be

I’m saying you should try to be free

Try to be free

I’m saying you should try to be free, try to be free


Now you’re on your own